Scanning of the Maquette

A significant milestone has been achieved with Project Vernon, the campaign to erect a monument at the marina, residential and retail development at Gunwharf Quays, formerly HMS VERNON, in Portsmouth to celebrate all those - past, present and future - involved with minewarfare & diving operations.  The bronze sculpture is due to be installed next spring where it will be seen by an annual footfall of 8 million visitors.

Laser scanning of the half life-size model was conducted on Thursday 8 August. This will enable casting of the one-and-a-quarter life-size bronze sculpture and, eventually, miniatures in various materials.

Vernon Monument scanning composite 9 Aug 2019 (2).jpg

These photos show the enormous complexity of the task and the fine detail sculptor Mark Richards has applied to his creation without making it a characterless static 'teaching aid'. He said that balancing such a large inanimate object as a moored mine with the dynamic human life forms of the divers so that they work in harmony was his greatest challenge and his greatest cause of satisfaction.

For further background, information and pictures, go to the Project Vernon website at or the Project's Facebook group at