Latest Fundraising

Many thanks to Jess Owen for placing the winning bid of £150 for this original framed painting of HMS Brinton, complete with banana and Fishery Protection Squadron funnel badge. The painting, signed and dated (1977) by R.G. (Bob) Hales, was donated to the Vernon Monument Project.

HMS Brinton painting by Bob Hales.jpg

A generous donation of £1,000 has been made by one of our own who wishes to remain anonymous. You know who you are - very many thanks on behalf of all of our supporters.

A very kind donation of £500 has been made by Chris Thompson who reminded Project Manager David Sandiford that he was in HMS Cottesmore while David was in HMS Chiddingfold.

A very handsome donation of £1,000 has been made by Mrs Eunice Viney, widow of the late CPO(D) Richard Viney, in Richard's memory. Very many thanks from all involved with the Vernon Monument.

Please note that every single penny collected, plus 25% Gift Aid where applicable, goes towards the campaign to design, install and maintain the Vernon minewarfare & diving monument. The project is a registered charity and all staff are unpaid volunteers.